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VIP LINK Dog Snuffle Toy

VIP LINK Dog Snuffle Toy

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STAY BUSY AND ENRICHED ... A variety of stimulating dog toys on our premium snuffle mat engage your dog’s natural foraging instincts, keeping them focused and entertained.

A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER PET ... Even dogs get bored. Our dog snuffle mat provides essential mental and physical exercise, so your dog can live and love to its heart’s content.

THE EXERCISE YOUR DOG DESERVES ... For energetic dogs that just don’t get enough walks, an interactive dog toy goes a long way toward releasing energy and relieving stress.

MELLOWING EXCITABLE BEHAVIOR ... Our slow feeder design trains good behavioral patterns while improving your dog’s digestion. The faster they eat, the more problems they face.

AN EASY, RELIABLE PURCHASE ... A durable high-quality design lasts years and is perfect for any dog. If our product isn’t up to par, feel free to return it for a full refund.



Type: Dogs
Material: Fleece
Set Type: No
Toys Type: Interactive Toys
product number: MM21060101

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