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Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs

Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs

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In the daily use of inflatable products, there are the following precautions}
1. Do not approach sharp objects, such as thorny plants, sharp stones, or blades.
2. When using, add a base cloth under the inflatable product to prevent it from being punctured by sundries.
3. Do not use it as a life-saving buoy.
4. Keep away from flames or high-temperature objects.
5. When the temperature is high, do not put inflatable products that expand and close the valve in the car or tent.
6. Do not stick to sunscreen oil or alkaline medicines.
7. Please place it out of the reach of pets.
8. The gas nozzle is hard, so you should stay away from it when you are resting.
9. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, as ultraviolet rays will slowly damage the surface material.

{How to repair inflatable products}
A. Repair the eye of the needle:
If your inflatable product is accidentally pierced with one or more small needle holes, it is the easiest to repair:
1. After deflating the product, cover the gas nozzle to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2. Take out the glue from the repair kit and put a drop of glue on the needle hole;
3. If the needle hole is large, take a toothpick, dispense glue with the tip of the toothpick, apply it into the broken needle hole, and then use glue to cover the needle hole completely;
4. After the repair is completed, wait for four hours before inflating.

B. Repair cuts or burned holes
If your product is accidentally cut by a knife or a big hole is broken by fire, please don't panic. You can make up in the following order:
1. After deflating the product, cover the gas nozzle to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2. Find the patch material in the repair kit and cut a piece to cover the cracks;
3. Apply glue to the damaged area, press the patch, and glue the edge seam of the patch with glue;
4. Apply pressure to ensure that there are no gaps on the glue surface, and press it firmly with a smooth and heavy object;
5. Wait for eight hours and then inflate, the repair is completed.

C, suede repair
1. Carefully clean up the repair area;
2. After drying, take out the patch and cut it, and cover it on the damaged surface, allowing a little more around;
3. Apply a layer of glue on the patch and the damaged surface, and glue the edges of the patch with glue to ensure a thorough seal;
4. Press it firmly with smooth and heavy objects;
5. Press it with a heavy object and inflate it after 24 hours to complete the repair.

D. Other matters:
1. Remember not to inflate too much (especially in summer), and do not exercise too vigorously on the product, otherwise, the pull strap in the product will be overloaded and broken, causing the product to bulge and cannot be repaired and can only be scrapped.
2. The repairing glue is a chemical substance, do not touch the eyes or swallow it.

Do not over-inflate the inflatable product during use, and the inflation saturation should not exceed 80%. In addition, please avoid contact with sharp objects and keep away from fire sources

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