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Lrregular Rotating Mode Toy

Lrregular Rotating Mode Toy

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1. Automatical car cat teaser toy

--Avoid the obstacles automatically
--Led colorful wheel
--Multi-track irregular running
--Two-wheel separated drive powerful torque
--Teasing cat intelligently (work 10 minutes every 1.5 hours).

2. Irregular running, automatic steering

Multi-track irregular running, increase your cat's activity.

3. Teasing cat intelligently

Work 10 minutes every 1.5 hours.

4. Giant tires, easy to climb over obstacles

5. Led colorful wheel, teasing cats happily

Let your cat no longer alone

6. Large capacity battery

--2 hours, charging 2 hours
--8 hours, it can use 8 hours for default mode(work 10 minutes, rest for 1.5 hours)
--2 hours, work continuously for 2 hours

7. Precision structure design, technical innovation

8. Two motors, drive independently

Independently, infinitely variable speeds, implement multiple motion trajectories and powerful torque

9. Natural rubber tires are environmentally friendly and durable

How to use:


Press the button once: the light flash twice into automatic slow mode.
Press the button secondly: the light flash twice into automatic fast mode.
Press the button thirdly: power off and light off.

◾Standby: the toy will be in standby mode after working for 10 minutes,1.5 hours later, it will work 10 minutes again, the rest can be done in the same manner. In standby mode, LED lights will be on once every 1 minute.

◾Low voltage: LED light flashes quickly.

◾Charging: LED light flashes regularly.

◾Full charged: LED light is always on.

◾Charging time:2 hours.

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